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53 Counties Working as One

53 Counties

45 Organizations

150+ years of experience

1 Goal, 1 Initiative, 1 Program


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What is CORE PA?

The CORE PA program is the centerpiece of a Pennsylvania government initiative that is focused on creating and retaining manufacturing jobs in the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by encouraging firms to relocate operations to Pennsylvania and encouraging those considering relocation to keep their operations in the state.

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The mission of the program is to increase the visibility of Pennsylvania and the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth to potential investors in both the domestic and international arenas, and ultimately bring industry and job growth to our region.  Our program provides access to the plethora of opportunities this region has to offer to potential international investors, nationally recognized site selection consultants, and select domestic companies that may be interested in establishing joint ventures in cooperation with existing regional firms for supporting overall expansion into the region.

CORE PA provides access to numerous international business professionals that collectively account for over 150 years of experience in international public sector business consulting.

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Optimal Location

CORE PA's location is prime for business growth!

“The Core Region of Pennsylvania is strategically located close to major domestic and international markets. Over 40% of the United States population and more than 60% of Canada’s population is located within a 500 mile radius of the region.”

Photos of our Region

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Pennsylvania: Built to Advance

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